Posterous‘ Missing Features

This is a list of what I miss on Posterous, in no particular order:

  • edit comments
  • use images in comments (just attach them in the email reply)
  • ability to use different themes, or even better: to edit stylesheet – can be simple, just to change fonts, colours
  • see how much space I have left on the account (how many more pictures can I post?)
  • tag posts, and a nice auto-generated tag menu
  • search posterous for other content (to find posts on a blog or to find other blogs)
  • ability to embed snippets, e.g. Google Analytics
  • correct handling of international date/time; show time of post, not just date

I will update if something else comes to mind – or if the Posteronians implement a feature 😉

Update 1:

  • allow links in comments (when emailed – apparently, the link shows up in the email sent, but not on the page – a bug?)
  • transform Youtube link in post into embedded player if post is edited on site
  • manage posts: in addition to the number of views per post also show the number of comments

Update 2:

  • add links in the post editor (currently, only formatting is possible)
  • embed ads with Google AdSense

 Update 3:

  • is there a way to see how many people subscribe to the blog via RSS?
  • top 5 most read articles list on frontpage (sidebar)
  • make Facebook funtion „Share on Facebook“ work better. Now, it uses the page lead as exerpt, instead of the first paragraph of the actual text. I know, not really a Posterous problem, but since I use this FB-feature a lot, maybe there is a workaround
Update 4:

Almost all missing features have been added – search today (11/24). Still missing:
  • Style sheets
  • Embed snippets (Google Analytics possible now)

Update 5:


5 Gedanken zu “Posterous‘ Missing Features

  1. This is so awesome. Thank you so much for posting this… things are crazy right now but we want to get every single thing you talk about on this list.

  2. Yeah, the Techcrunch post must have turned everything upside down 😉 I’ll be patient, keep up the great work!

  3. I still hardly miss possibility to attach comment for each image in post or gallery with support for titles defined in EXIF.

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